Friday, February 19, 2010

Condom Week

Okay then well lol wow i don't know whats next? well this whole week was and i guess still is condom week!! so guys please get your self some condoms its not hard to find them you can buy them or get them for free there is no age limit or anything like that and if you are too embarrassed to go buy some or ask for them well then maybe you aren't mature enough to be having sex.

Get your self's informed about that stuff and remember just because a guy says he is clean that doesn't mean go ahead and have sex without protection because well i mean come on we all know how that works right? you cant go asking all of the people that one person had sex with that is just not possible so just use protection and if it starts to become something more serious ask your partner to go and get tested its not rude and it shouldn't offend the person after all if they really do care about you they will understand and respect your request and don't buy that whole "oh i am allergic" crap dudes yes some people are but they have special ones so no excuses. and remember its your body and your life don't expect anyone else to look after you be smart about it.

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