Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you love the life you live...

If you love the life you live then you"ll get allot more done. I was walking around the mall today and i realized that i am happy with my life yes I've fucked up but I've learned from my mistakes but the one thing that i am not happy about and that keeps me from being as happy as i can be is my sexuality I've felt this way for seven years and it wasn't really until ten months ago that it has really hit me hard. I want to be able to get attached to a person and build a relationship but how can i do that when i don't even know what i want? the longest relationship I've had lasted four months and i broke it off because i freaked out that i was getting to attached to her and i felt like a sick person for being with her and thinking about the guy that just walked by people say that its normal and that yes there is such a thing as being bisexual but i don't want to feel this way i want to be able to say i am straight or gay and be proud of my life style.

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